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Countdown to College - Senior Year


  • Talk with your counselor to be sure you have the necessary coursework and credit for graduation and, if you qualify, Oklahoma's Promise
  • Register for ACT and/or SAT exams
  • Attend the College Fair hosted by OBU
  • Prepare a folder or binder for all of your college-related information.  As you register for the ACT or SAT, apply to colleges, and submit FAFSA information, you will be creating numerous usernames and passwords.  Keep them in this one central location.  A calendar would be helpful as well so you can keep important deadlines handy.
  • Narrow down your college selection and begin the application process for admission, housing, and scholarships of your top choices. Watch all deadlines! Be aware that application fees are almost always required.
  • Seek financial aid and scholarship information through: the Scholarship Info Tab (on the left side of this page!), SHS Counseling Office, announcements, online scholarship searches, college catalogs, etc.
  • As you complete essays for college and scholarship applications, save them in a word processing document so that you do not have to start from scratch each time!
  • Submit requests for letters of recommendation to your counselor and/or teachers. As a courtesy, please allow 10 school days to complete this information. If the school is to mail the application to the college, please provide a stamped, addressed envelope.
  • Take ACT/SAT exams
  • Tour the campus of your top choices. You may take two (2) college visit days during your senior year that will not count against your attendance. You must get the proper paperwork from the counseling office before the visit because it needs to be verified by a college representative.  Upon returning to school, you must submit the form to our attendance office. 
  • Download a PDF copy of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Worksheet to know what kind of financial information will be required of you. The FAFSA is the form used to apply for federal and state student grants, work-study programs, and loans.
  • Apply for your FAFSA PIN number.
  • Compile all financial data by the end of the month, so that you can submit needed financial information on the FAFSA in early 2012.


  • Submit your completed FAFSA electronically at www.fafsa.ed.gov. If you prefer to file a paper copy FAFSA, call 1-800-433-3243.  The sooner you send in the FAFSA, the sooner monies can be dogeared for you.  When it's gone, it's gone!
  • Make any adjustments to your second semester schedule (make sure you've taken health/wellness, world cultures, and government!).
February - April
  • Mark your calendar with any important dates and deadlines
  • Most students should receive acceptance letters by April 15th.  Evaluate acceptance and award letters to make your final decision.
  • Keep track of all scholarship offers you receive (if you accept them or not).  You will be asked to fill out a form reporting all of your scholarship offers beginning in April for our senior awards program.
May - June
  • Notify the college you have selected of your decision to attend.  Complete all necessary forms.
  • Advise other college of your plans not to attend.  They may have a waiting list that they can begin notifying.
  • At school, you will be asked to identify the college you plan to attend so final/official transcripts can be sent at the appropriate time.  You will also need to provide the address unless it is for OU, OSU, or UCO.
  • Participate and graduation activities and pick up your diploma and final grades!
For an additional senior year checklist, visit:  OKCollgeStart