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Administration of Medication to Students by School Personnel

Administration of Medication to Students by School Personnel Requirements


If it is necessary, that a medication be given during school hours the following requirements must be met:


  • Medication will not be administered in school or during school-sponsored activities without a current year medication request and release form filled out properly and signed by the legal parent or guardian and on file.


  • Prescription medication must be ordered or advised by a licensed physician/dentist, and permission is granted for exchange of verbal and written communication between the school nurse and the prescribing physician/dentist regarding the medication.  First dose of any medication must be given at home.



  • Prescription medication must be brought to school in the current original container with pharmacy label intact.  The label MUST have the student’s name, name of medication, dosage and time to be given.  If the medication is not properly labeled, if the label is altered in anyway or does not match the Administration of Medication to Student form it will not be given. 


  • Parents/guardians may ask the pharmacist for a separate container labeled just for the school time dose.


  • Over-the-counter medications must be in an unopened original container.  Student’s name must be written on the box/bottle, the dosage and frequency to be given must be consistent with the label instructions and age appropriate.


  1. Medication cannot and will not be allowed to share from the same bottle
  2. Medication cannot and will not be accepted in baggies or envelopes
  3. Each student must have their own medication and form completed
  4. Cough drops will only be kept for 2 weeks, if not picked up will be destroyed


  • For student’s safety; the parent/ guardian must bring the medication to the school and give directly to the Health Services Staff.  The student cannot bring medication to school.


  • The school cannot and will not send medication home with the students.


  • At the end of the school year, any medication remaining must be picked up by the parent/guardian, on or before the last day of school or, the medication will be destroyed.



  • The parent /guardian agrees to provide medication and any supplies connected with administering medication at their own expense.


  • The parent/guardian will promptly notify the school of any changes in the administration of medication and will provide the school with a new prescription bottle and complete a new Authorization for Administration of Medication to Student by School Personnel Form.  Written or verbal changes to medications from parent/guardian cannot be accepted.



  • By signing the Authorization for Administration of Medication to Student by School Personnel Form, the parent/guardian with legal custody understands that under state law; SPS Board of Education, SPS District, or employees of the District shall not be liable to the student or the student’s parents/guardian for civil damages for any personal injuries to the student which results from acts of omissions and/or advise effects of the medication.