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Shawnee Public Schools


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Clubs and Organizations

Below are the clubs and activities, followed by their sponsors, for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information, contact the sponsor directly or call the main office at 405-275-3084.

Academic Team: Scott Bartley (sbartley@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Drama: Brandy Bond (bbond@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

FCA: Sara Branson (sarbranson@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

FCCLA: Mary Rolette/Amy Oleinik (mrolette@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (amyoleinik@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

FFA: Dr. Brett Scott (brescott@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Hype Squad: Ron Arthur (rarthur@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Jazz Band: Ryan Henigman (ryahenigman@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Leadership II: Kathy Chamblin (kchamblin@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Marching Band: Ryan Henigman (ryahenigman@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Mock Trial: Bruce Bushong (bbushong@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

National Honor Society: Scott & Cindy Bartley (sbartley@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (cbartley@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Native American Club: Angie Goodfox/Zelda Cline (athurmangoodfox@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (zcline@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Robotics Team: Cullen Birney/Josh Watson (cbirney@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (joswatson@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Speech/Debate Team: Brandy Bond (bbond@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Student Council: Kathy Chamblin (kchamblin@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

The Writer's Block: Bruce Bushong (bbushong@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Vocal Music: Justin Lee (juslee@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Yearbook: Lindsay Dennis (lindennis@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Youth and Government: Robbie Remington/Tim Butler (robremington@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (timbutler@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Baseball: Kevin Paxson (kevpaxson@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Boys/Girls Cross Country: Sara Branson/Josh Watson (sarbranson@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (joswatson@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Boys/Girls Swim: Valarie Colburn (colburn.vmp@hotmail.com)

Boys/Girls Track: Kent Hixson, Jack Dingus (kenhixson@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (jacdingus@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Boys Basketball: Ron Arthur (rarthur@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Boys Golf: Kelly Parsons/Jack Lowe (kparsons@shawnee.k12.ok.us) / (jlowe@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Boys Soccer: Jason Merrell (jmerrell@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Boys Tennis: Mike Idleman (mikidleman@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Cheer: Mykaela Chlouber (mykchlouber@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Football: Billy Brown (bibrown@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Girls Basketball: Wendi Wells (wwells@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Girls Golf: Jack Lowe (jlowe@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Girls Soccer: Jacob McCoy (jacmccoy@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Girls Tennis: Terrie Hanson (dhanson@mbo.net)

Pom: Maddie Clark (madclark@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Power Lifting: Randy Henshaw (rhenshaw@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Softball: David Rolette (drolette@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Volleyball: Julia Holland (jholland@shawnee.k12.ok.us)

Wrestling: Larry James (ljames@shawnee.k12.ok.us)