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Shawnee Public Schools


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This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents

  1. Whom to contact at SHS?
  2. What are the SHS graduation requirements?
  3. What courses are required for Oklahoma's Promis (formerly OHLAP)?
  4. What happens if my child fails a course required for graduation?


Whom to contact at SHS?
Principal: Matt Johnson
Assistant Principal: Hillary Grange
Assistant Principal: Ray Shaffer
Administrative Assistant: Robert Lowery
Attendance: Sherri Budka; 405-275-0735
Driver Permit/License Forms: Terry Hicks; 405-275-3631
Athletic Director: Todd Boyer; 405-214-7130
Work Permit: Pam East; 405-275-3084

Homework requests: Homework requests will be honored when a student misses 3 consecutive days. To request homework, call the attendance office at 405-275-3084. Students missing less than 3 days can collect assignments upon arrival back at school.

Security/Safety: Officer Shawn Parson (leave message at 405-275-3084)


What are the SHS graduation requirements?

4 units English
4 units Math
    Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and one additional course
3 units Lab Science
    One course must be Biology 1
1 unit fine arts (competencies completed in World History)

3 1/2 units Social Studies
    World Cultures (1 semester), Oklahoma History (1 semester), World History (2 semesters), American History (2 semesters), and US Government (1 semester)
1/2 unit Health
1/2 unit Financial Literacy
8 units of electives

Total 25 units or 50 credits*

*1 unit=2 credits     1 credit=1 semester


What courses are required for Oklahoma's Promise (formerly OHLAP)?

Oklahoma's Promise Requirements are the same as SHS requirements for graduation with the addition of:

2 units of foreign language (two full years of the same language)
4 one semester courses in computer science/technology


What happens if my child fails a course required for graduation?

Failure of classes required for graduation will have to be repeated in summer school or during evening credit recovery classes. Both programs are computerized independent study programs.

Summer school cost is $75 per course. Summer school typically begins the first Monday in June.

Evening credit recovery classes are held at Jim Thorpe Academy Monday through Thursday 4-8 pm. Evening credit recovery is $75 per course.

Applications for both programs are available in the SHS counseling office or at Jim Thorpe Academy.